Welcome to JL Driver Development…
I started JLDD to pass on my many years of experience to the next generation of racers both on and off the track, from Karting to Formula cars focussing on developing the correct techniques and learning methods that will get drivers up to speed as fast as possible. Working with drivers and teams in all forms of motorsport, JLDD specialises in helping drivers make the jump from Karting to Car racing with the aim to make each driver a true professional in the future.
Being involved in motorsport and a current professional racing driver, I work with people in all areas of the industry. Media experts, Personal Trainers, Simulator operators, Sponsorship strategists, Website Specialists and of course Race teams. I utilise all of these long standing colleagues and friends for everyone JLDD works with ensuring that you receive a complete service of the best quality.
For more information please contact: jon@jonlancasterracing.com

Toby Flanagan:

European Le Mans Series champion, Jon Lancaster, also breeds champions, from scratch no less. In my first year of racing, under Jon’s mentorship, I became the 2019 Ferrari UK Challenge Series, Coppa Shell, champion. A 670hp Ferrari Challenge race car is far beyond a trackday toy. To compete in the Ferrari UK Challenge series against largely more experienced, committed racers running identically equipped machines, I needed a dedicated driver coach who’s passion, analytical tutorship and perhaps most importantly, humility, could be delivered as a perfectly blended medicine, tailored to my needs. Jon excelled in every capacity. His formidable racing experience combined with his innate sensibilities to a race cars behaviour as a function of his pupil’s input, enable him to optimise their car control and race craft, consequently maximising their enjoyment.”

Driver Coaching
Duration varies • Price varies, please contact us
One to One, Group or Team Performace driver coaching for beginners or seasoned professionals looking for the last tenth of a second.
Career Management
Career management all the way from Karting to the pinnacle of Motorsport. Utilising all of JLDD’s long standing relationships to give its clients the best chance to become a true professional.
Motorsport Consultation
JLDD also offers Motorsport Consultation on all aspects of our sport. Anything and everything from setting up a race team to finding the right track day car.
Car/Engine/Tyre Development
JLDD owner Jon Lancaster has many years experience in assisting in the development of Race and Road Cars, Tyres an Engines.
Personal Assistant
All of JLDD’s clients have the option to benefit from having their flights, hotels and car hire booked to their requirements.
McLaren Coaching

For the past three years I have been fortunate enough to travel the world with the McLaren Drive Team. Coaching had included working with a lot of the McLaren VIP Guests ranging from Movie stars and Royalty, to some of the worlds wealthiest.

Online SIM Coaching
With SIM Racing taking off in recent months, JL Driver Development is here to help you improve, not only in the real world, but now in the fast moving virtual world too! More…