Welcome to JL Driver Developmentā€¦

I started JLDD to pass on my many years of experience to the next generation of racers both on and off the track, from Karting to Formula cars, focussing on developing the correct techniques and learning methods that will get drivers up to speed as fast as possible. Working with drivers and teams in all forms of motorsport, JLDD specialises in helping drivers make the jump from Karting to Car racing with the aim to make each driver a true professional in the future.

Being involved in motorsport and a current professional racing driver, I work with people in all areas of the industry. Media experts, Personal Trainers, Simulator operators, Sponsorship strategists, Website Specialists and of course Race teams. I utilise all of these long standing colleagues and friends for everyone JLDD works with, ensuring that you receive a complete service of the best quality.

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